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When asking graduating seniors what career they want to pursue, most shared serious uncertainty, and the few that know, express little to no knowledge of what to expect. This is RISE Career Academy’s “WHY”!

Leveraging technology, we will pair students with experienced professionals in the area of their career interest and help them to get the information that they need to make wise career decisions for a successful and meaningful future.

- Cory A. Jones, School Counselor, M.Ed.

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Corya-Jones I was born and raised in Harlem, New York.

I transitioned to manhood in the 80’s where financial hardships ravaged my neighborhood due to an invasive drug culture and the everyday struggles of growing up in a fatherless home. Many of my friends did not fare well in this environment and turned to selling drugs as a way out of poverty. However, I was fortunate enough to have the local Boys Club in Spanish Harlem to help guide and expose me to opportunities my mother wasn’t able to.

By being a part of the Boys Club, I was blessed to learn the importance of serving the community. It was at the Boys Club where I experienced positive male role models. Caring men became mentors who shared their lives, created fun clubs, events, trips and sports programs that kept me actively engaged and off the streets. These men were community residents that coached and introduced me to various cultural events in and out-of-state. Because of their leadership and generosity with their time and resources, I experienced more than what my zip code had to offer. The involvement and dedication of a “few good men” opened new doors of a world beyond Harlem.

These experiences opened my eyes to the importance of giving back as an adult, so I decided to take the torch of mentorship and became a High School Guidance Counselor. This career allows me to support and encourage students to be tomorrow’s leaders.


What is Rise Career Academy?

faq-2 An exciting and new way to receive professional career advice on-demand.

Is the app available for IOS, Android and Windows?

Not yet, no operating system discrimination here! We are going to be a web-based platform so that everyone can connect.

Is there a free trial for students?

Yes, the service is always free.

Do I have to currently be in school to sign up as a student?

Nope! You only need to be someone looking for career advice and have the desire to engage with an industry professional.

Can a student choose his/her mentor?

faq-1 No, the student chooses their career of interest and we pair you with a talented professional.

How can I sign up to me mentored?

When we finish fine tuning, you'll be able to sign up using an email address or Facebook… it’s that easy! For now, sign up to be notified when we launch (hyper linked to sign up tab).

How is Rise Career Academy different from other mentoring services?

faq-4 We focus exclusively on helping individuals planning for their futures by providing them mentorship and career building tools.

Is there any commitment after I sign up?

No, you can actually just hang out on the message board and connect to your peers.

How can I be sure the mentor is who they claim to be?

They will have to have a public LinkedIn account, so you can check them out right away.

I want to sign up to be a mentor, how do I do that?

faq-2 Sign up to be notified when we launch (hyper linked to sign up tab).

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